Macfarlan Capital Partners is committed to serving institutional investors, family offices, wealth management advisors and high net worth individuals. 

We offer a powerful combination of over 30 years of experience and innovation coupled with a strong track record.  Macfarlan has been an active investor in commercial real estate for over three decades, and we've weathered many economic cycles and realities.  We provide our clients with access to unique debt and equity investments in the commercial real estate space and offer an alternative to REITs and individual real estate investing.  Our firm-wide distinction is our proven ability to solve complex problems and re-position assets that lead to value for our investors.

ACCESS: We provide a valuable niche opportunity for our investors through our network developed over 30 years of service. 

IMPACT: We create solutions to complex real estate problems.  We work to positively impact our properties through our value-added asset management process.  Additionally, our partnerships with various ministries and non-profit organizations impacts our people and our community.

GROWTH: You invest with Macfarlan to earn a return on your investment.  A good harvest comes from planting the right seed, nurturing through the growing season, and then harvesting when the time is right.

Current Portfolio

Historical Investments

Our Strategy

Macfarlan’s two-pronged investment strategy — creative core and out-of-favor assets — focuses on identifying dislocations in commercial properties, reducing risk and creating value through our repositioning experience and operating expertise.