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In January of 2016, I joined Macfarlan Capital Partners as "Chief of Staff."  That title is essentially our way of saying that on any day I might be working on anything for anyone!  Some days I'm working closely with the Investor Relations group on communications and reporting, some days I'm gathering due diligence materials for deals the Acquisition team is considering, and other days I'm planning Dean's next meeting to develop a deal in Italy!  My goal is to make sure that everyone who interacts with our firm walks away knowing we are a passionate, personable, and professional group of people who desire to be faithful stewards for our investors.

More about my history... Upon graduation with a Bachelor in Business Administration in Marketing from Texas A&M University, I moved to Dallas TX seeking a sales position.  For 10 years prior to joining Macfarlan, I was in an Account Management role for a third party logistics company.  I held a variety of positions over my time at that company, and I gained invaluable insights into sales, operations, logistics and worked with some wonderful people along the way.  At the end of 2015, I was looking for something new and when I saw an email from the Macfarlan family saying they were looking for someone to join their team, I knew I was the person for the job.  Luckily they agreed!

Why I Love it Here

I love working at Macfarlan because you'd have to look high and low to find a group of women and men with more love, integrity, character, and passion than those at Macfarlan Capital Partners.  It's truly a remarkable opportunity to join a company with selfless leaders who have been so successful in their field yet are still generous with their time and talents to develop their employees.