KATHY PARNELL Senior Controller

I am the Senior Controller responsible for the day-to-day functions of the Accounting Team and primary supervision of team personnel. I monitor the system of Internal Controls for improvements and compliance, review property and partnership level financial statements and monthly closing files, manage external audits, and manage accounting for the firm's internal financial records and cash confirmations.

More about my history...

I joined the firm in 1992, but prior to joining Macfarlan, I provided property management support for a commercial property management firm and was a Payroll Accountant for an architectural & engineering firm. I have a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Central Oklahoma.

The last time I decided to change jobs, a very close friend encouraged me to pursue an opening at the company where she worked. She said this company and its leaders were "different, really different" from anyplace she had ever worked before. She told me they were an upbeat, energetic and innovative group with a very strong work ethic. They strive to serve their clients and they embrace and act on new ideas. But most of all, they each exhibit very strong faith in God, strong commitment to service, and they love and are so proud of their families! They value everyone who works here and are genuinely interested in all of their employees and their families, as well.

I had to check it out.

Thankfully for me, and my family, I did check it out- 20 years ago-the last time I decided to change jobs.

Why I Love it Here

I love working at Macfarlan because today as much as I did when I first started with this company. I've had the opportunity to work with some of the most incredibly talented people over the years and I continue to learn so very much from each of them. Although technology and the Information Age have drastically changed how we process business, the economy is in constant flux, and "change is the new norm," solid core values and a heart for service are timeless. If I were asked today to describe Macfarlan, I would give the exact same description as 20 years ago. The integrity and dedication to uphold principles that truly matter, while providing excellent service in an ever changing world are why I have loved working at Macfarlan.

I love working at my job because I've had the opportunity to accept the challenge to grow with the company, and be involved in various aspects of the accounting and reporting for almost every type of business activity this company has performed since the early 90's. I've had the privilege to work with incredibly knowledgeable and innovative individuals whose expertise is amazing. I'm the fortunate recipient of mentoring from several of these professionals because they like to serve, share and enjoy watching others grow and succeed. I'm allowed to learn from my mistakes, build on my strengths, offer my input and ideas, and am valued as a team member. I'm constantly challenged to think beyond the "debits and credits" mechanics of accounting to determine how providing excellent accounting of activities can be translated to a meaningful value add to the overall services we provide our investors and end users of our reporting. My job is with an ethical, service-oriented organization where accountability and integrity are the norm, not the exception. Who wouldn't love my job?